Filling Station - May 2017

Filling Station 

Before every monthly Filling Station meeting a small group pray and seek the Lord for any words or ‘pictures’ for those gathered for the evening. At the March meeting four words were shared and then publicly given out. The ministry team is always available to pray as people respond. One gentleman came to me and shared he felt that one of the words of knowledge (1 Corinthians 12:8) was for him and that he had the melanoma on the side of his face. I could clearly see it. I prayed a simple prayer for healing in Jesus’ name.

On Maundy Thursday I sat next to the gentleman at the service at St James, Emsworth. Although I had forgotten, he showed me that the melanoma had completely gone. I had a careful look and it was gone and his skin looked wonderful.

I am very encouraged. Our guest speaker at the March Filling Station was Julie Sheldon who encouraged our hearts to look and trust the Lord who cares for us.


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