Nigeria 2018

Lives Transformed Through Jesus and Education.

Soteria Business School
Soteria Business School, Oke Ado, Ibadan

Mission Achievements

Andy Economides completed three fruitful missions to Ibadan, Nigeria covering just 43 days between February and October 2018. Andy's wife, Jane assisted on two of these missions with practical work at the Soteria Business School and Prospect School, praying with people and counselling some needy young students. The Soteria team for the first mission consisted of Andy, Jane, Rev. Paul Collins and Lou (teacher) his wife. Paul Collins preached excellently throughout. Lou's main task was to carry out extensive work at the SBS in improving teaching methods and helping the head teacher to follow these improvements. The Soteria Trust administrator and project manager, Jana, carried out extensive work with the sponsored children at Prospect School and young people at SBS. Andy finalised the designs and contracts for the solar, new girls' dormitory and roof with the engineers in Nigeria. The children and young people were extremely delighted to receive letters and gifts from their sponsors. We thank all our sponsors who sponsor workers at SBS, young people or children.

New NID courses
New NID in Software Engineering

National Diploma Courses at Soteria Business School
The new ND in Software Engineering was launched at the SBS in September 2018 with 16 students. SBS waits for the Nigerian Educational Board to carry out an inspection at the school in order to launch another ND in Hardware Engineering. Please pray. More importantly SBS waits to hear about the seminar the government wants to conduct at the SBS in order to launch a National Diploma course in Business Management with IT. SBS hopes to start this in 2019. Please pray.

Summary of 1st Mission:

  • 4 Schools, over 1700 students heard the Good News.
  • 200 Discipleship/Gospel books ‘True’ (by A. Economides) freely given in one school.
  • Extensive preaching/ministry by Andy and Paul in churches, SBS, Prospect School, New Life Conference and secondary schools.
Good News in Secondary Schools
Good News in Secondary Schools

Andy Economides writes:
"Perhaps the greatest 'event' for me was preaching the gospel to about 500 pupils in the assembly and inviting the entire school to turn from sin, trust the cross of Jesus and take God’s gift of the Holy Spirit. This was followed by 3 seminars including Muslim children listening respectfully about Jesus. Students eagerly took 200 gospel/discipleship books as they left the seminars".

Summary of 3rd Mission:

  • Preached 12 times at; Bible studies, SBS assemblies, Sunday services, churches, and secondary schools. (Andy Economides).
  • Baptised 14 SBS students (2nd & 3rd mission).
  • Awarded 5, 2-year International Chichester College Diplomas in Administration, Computing and Business at the Graduation.
  • 31 Sponsorships awarded to children to attend Prospect School.
Solar Power at SBS

New Things
The Solar system has been installed at the Soteria Business School and operating well since November 2018. Solar provides constant electricity for the school together with the national electricity supply. Solar has almost eliminated the necessity of using the generator. Solar reduces electricity running costs, is quiet, does not pollute, and provides security at night. The new additional girls' dormitory at the SBS accommodates 14 students. The new roof for the smaller building at the SBS is due for completion in January 2019. We are thankful to the Lord and his people for providing the solar, girls' dormitory and new roof. All these things are great along with education, but Andy Economides writes; "The greatest thing is knowing Jesus and following Jesus’ teaching and eternal life".

Soteria Business School workers sponsored through Soteria Trust
Sponsorships help to provide part of the salary and create a job for the worker and their family. This in turn helps Soteria Trust help needy and vulnerable young people. Should a sponsored worker leave their position their sponsors will be informed and the support shall be transferred to a new worker or child or young person. Mr Christopher, teacher and librarian at Soteria School says; "I have been working at SBS for 11 years. I have passion for teaching. It has been a blessing and privilege to work at SBS and help the needy young people. Some of the students that I taught have obtained good employment and some have been able to go further to study in university".

SBS Graduation

Soteria Sponsorships for young people
Soteria Trust also provides scholarships for over 80 needy young people to study at the Soteria Business School. When sponsored young students complete their course their sponsors will be informed and their kind sponsorship transferred to another needy or vulnerable person or child or SBS worker and details sent. The courses vary in length from about 3 months to 2 years or so. This means some sponsors may sponsor one or two or more students per year.

Sponsorships for children

Children Replying to Sponsors

Soteria Trust provides educational sponsorships for over 80 children at Prospect School. Prospect is a pre-school, primary and secondary school all in one. Children sponsored at Prospect will attend school from a few years to many. When children leave Prospect their sponsors will be informed and their kind sponsorship transferred to another needy or vulnerable child or young person or SBS worker and details sent. All sponsored children from Prospect will be given the opportunity to transfer to the Soteria Business School. Some of these children will accept the offer and go to the SBS for further study.