Nigeria 2020

Lives Transformed Through Jesus and Education

God’s Providence

‘Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vine,…and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Saviour’. (Habakkuk 3:16-19). Trust in God’s providence regardless of circumstances.

Rev. Andy Economides and Rev. Everton McLeod, the additional part-time administrator/PA for Soteria returned in early March from a Soteria charity mission trip in Ibadan, Nigeria. Whilst in Nigeria, Pastor Ayo from Redeemed Church in Portsmouth and Pastor Lasisi assisted with excellent teaching at the Soteria Business School. The children and young people were delighted to receive letters and gifts from their sponsors. We thank all our sponsors who sponsor workers at SBS, young people or children. And we thank all others who regularly give to Soteria Trust to enable us to go and make disciples and assist the poor.

Soteria Business School
Soteria Business School, Oke Ado, Ibadan

Achievements During the Mission

Praise the Lord for all He achieved. The solar at SBS has made a huge impact on the life of the school. The 3 new OND courses have attracted more students than ever before. The additional second dormitory for young women enables a further 12 to be accommodated. The dormitory is excellent. The new gutter system has yet to be tested once the rainy season starts in a few months’ time.

The SBS staff, Andy and Everton spent extensive time at Prospect School and SBS with sponsored children and young people reading letters form their sponsors and replying. Pius, Everton and Andy interviewed parents and children and consequently awarded 7 new scholarships for children to attend Prospect School. These children are needy, poor or vulnerable. Soteria Trust, through our UK sponsors, sponsors 78 children at Prospect.

The SBS currently has over 90 students and these young people are challenged and being discipled to follow and love Jesus. Andy and Everton played scrabble with students during lunch times. 

New ND Courses at SBS


National Diploma Courses at Soteria Business School
The new 2-year OND in Business Informatics was launched at SBS in October 2019. This course was approved by the     government of Nigeria in that same year. SBS is the first college in Nigeria to have an OND in Business Informatics. The OND in Software Engineering course at SBS has a first and second year programme. The first batch of students completing their 2-year OND will probably be sometime after July 2021 due to the Coronavirus.



Summary of Mission:

  • Andy and Everton preached 20 times: at 2 Bible studies, SBS assemblies, Sunday services and secondary schools.   
  • ‘Whatever happened to the Gospel?’ was the theme throughout.
  • Preached in 2 secondary schools to 1100 pupils on ‘…whoever believes has eternal life’. Many responded to know Jesus.
  • 75 Special John’s Gospel books were enthusiastically taken at a secondary school assembly.
  • ‘Behold Jesus’ 2-day conference at the University of Ibadan.
  • Baptised 4 SBS students.
  • Awarded 7 additional sponsorships to children to attend Prospect School.
  • 3 Mini PC’s were taken in our suitcases for the SBS.
Good News in Secondary Schools


Andy Economides writes:
“I have never before in 46 years of preaching the Gospel of Jesus emphasised the choice people have. The choice of, believe in Jesus and have eternal life or do not believe in the Saviour, thus rejecting Him, and go to hell. As the Good News of God’s love was proclaimed whilst in Nigeria to hundreds of young people, many said ‘yes’ to Jesus. If we don’t share the truth with people, we do not love them. Jesus’ words: ‘For God so loved…whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.’ (John 3:16)”.  


4 SBS students baptised

Soteria Business School workers sponsored through Soteria Trust

Sponsorships help to provide part of the salary and create a job for the worker and their family. This in turn helps Soteria Trust help needy and vulnerable young people. Should a sponsored worker leave their position their sponsors will be informed and the support shall be transferred to a new worker or child or young person.

Mr Christopher, teacher and librarian at Soteria School says; “I have been working at SBS for 13 years. I have passion for teaching. It has been a blessing and privilege to work at SBS and help the needy young people. Some of the students that I taught have obtained good employment and some have been able to go further to study in university”.


Soteria Trust sponsors 78 children

Sponsorship for Young People

Soteria Trust also provides scholarships for over 90 needy young people to study at the Soteria Business School. When sponsored young students complete their course their sponsors will be informed and their kind sponsorship transferred to another needy or vulnerable person or child or SBS worker and details sent. The courses vary in length from about 3 months to 2 years or so. This means some sponsors may sponsor one or two or more students per year.


Children Replying to Sponsors

Sponsorship for Children

Soteria Trust provides educational sponsorships for over 80 children at Prospect School. Prospect is a pre-school, primary and secondary school all in one. Children sponsored at Prospect will attend school from a few years to many. When children leave Prospect their sponsors will be informed and their kind sponsorship transferred to another needy or vulnerable child or young person or SBS worker and details sent. All sponsored children from Prospect will be given the opportunity to transfer to the Soteria Business School. Some of these children will accept the offer and go to the SBS for further study.


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