Projects in Africa

Soteria Trust helps provide education to needy and vulnerable children and young people through Soteria Business School and Prospect School in Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa.

  • Project Aims: to rescue and empower the poor and vulnerable children and young people in Nigeria by providing education, food and water, medical care and shelter.
  • To provide the environment and means for acquiring ethical attitudes towards work and lifestyle.
  • To work with our partners in order to meet the children's and young people's needs.

Child Sponsorship

Adult Sponsorship

Soteria Business School

Andy Economides is the patron of Prospect School and founder of Soteria Business School in Ibadan. Ibadan is a city of seven million located 100 miles north east of Lagos in Southern Nigeria. The Trust has been making a difference in Africa since 1995. Since April and September 2000, Soteria is providing educational scholarships and sponsorships in Prospect School and Soteria Business School respectively.

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