Refreshed & Renewed


True Relationships

Refreshed & Renewed

Review by Keith Robbins
Thoughtfully written by Andy Economides, there are 53 short chapters. Each chapter includes a Bible verse, followed by Andy's insightful comments. We cannot resist Andy's invitation to be refreshed and renewed.


True RelationshipsFrom the foreword by J.John:
'This book carries an important and concrete message. Read it and be rewarded. It is engaging, easy to read and it will make a difference to you and your friends. It offers an understanding and sensitivity that is bound up in wisdom and experience'.

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Review by Premier Magazine
'True is aimed at new believers or Christians who need a refresher course. It breaks down the meaning of God's truth. Andy believes understanding brings freedom and being true will bring peace and happiness'.


PrawdaTranslation of True is available in Polish Prawda from the Soteria Office. Prawda (True) serves as discipleship and Gospel book to give to Polish people.

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